Created back in 2007 in Tel-Aviv Legotek was established by Nir Ivenizki and Doron Eisenberg. During the last 6 years Legotek has evolved rapidly from an event group all the way to becoming a record label and booking agency. Nowadays the crew is based in Berlin and is home to not just only Israeli artists but a number of German artists too.

The concept for Legotek started before 2007 when the two founders Nir and Doron realized that in their opinion Israel was missing quality music, clubs and promoters in the electronic music scene. So from here on out the need was recognized to change these circumstances themselves. All though Legotek has organized many successful parties all over the different clubs of Tel-Aviv they decided to go a new direction and have parties on Tel-Aviv’s rooftops to do things their own way. This underground route was the beginning of Legotek’s path.

The famous rooftop parties back then where planned and organized to 100% by the Legotek crew. This means they had their hands on
all aspects of creating a party: Booking, lights, management; Short: Everything. In this stage they were already booking numerous artists worldwide from countries such as Germany and the USA giving them an even stronger link to the international electronic music scene.

The bottom line of understanding Legotek can be derived from the Name itself: Lego and Tek. Legotek means designing and building musical objects with a deep connection to machine driven and analog technology. Amongst the whole crew the policy is strictly 100% vinyl only. The actual music style can be seen as a mirror image of the underground side of urban life. On this journey Legotek drifts from Deep House to Techno with all of its faces and elements. It can start off jazzy get somewhat techy twist off to dubby and finish off with pure Detroit and Chicago sounds just to name one versatile example. The whole heart of the atmosphere always being with an analog and machine feeling to it.

The next level was taken when both Nir and Doron moved to Berlin in the summer of 2011. By 2010 the Legotek group had already changed to Legotek Records with a number of releases by their own artists including features. By working together with another very supportive booking agency Legotek has become a known face in the Berlin music scene for concept driven parties, bookings and having label nights almost once a month at big clubs such as About blank, Golden Gate, Sisyphos, Weekend and Tresor just to name a few.

Legotek’s newest big step is to finally find a place to call home in the form of founding their own record store as an art space for their music where when can also grab a cup of coffee. In the course of 2013 the crew is expected to open up the record store and drop the next label releases. The area intended to be created will be an open space for music and DJing with all of its aspects.