Pioneer of the Netlabel Culture and member of the Spanish avant-garde electronic music scene, DJ, live performer,producer and alma mater of Good Ratio Music & Neovinyl Recordings, labels run with Carlo. Selfconfessed lover of the Roland sound and mainly that type of guy who has always been conscious of the dangers of crossing that thin and blurry line that separates the easy and the complicated stuff , always isolated from other people‘s fashions and always keeping himself underground.

In his sets the sounds are deep and house oriented, with an acid touch. Chicago and Detroit. Velvet on beats. His sound selection comes from a much more than contrastedknowledge. The aesthetic and resounding balance between synthetic and organic is one of his constant commitments.

On this 2016, Baldo combines his fourth year of residency at Razzmatazz Clubs with DJ and live shows around Europe. Last year he was part of festivals such as Sónar, DGTL Barcelona among others and continues to be one of the most popular Spanish artists of his generation.