31 years old Dotan Bibi (A.K.A. Dot) carries the audience into a journey that originates from house music and moves through the very best of techno sounds. He is considered one of the best rising Israeli Producers with solid musical roots in Detroit House music.

Currently, Dot is busy at work, deep in his analogue home studio, producing more music than ever and constantly raising the bar. He is always looking to create more fresh and exciting releases. His fi rst Project was with his friend, under the name “Mike & Dot”. Their latest productions: “Eiderdown” EP and “Lego EP” was signed by the highly respected German label Sub-Static in 2005.

These days Dot is focusing on his own original material and released with highly acclaimed labels such as

“Gluckskind”, “Moon Harbour”,“ Thema“, „Tabla“, and recently with “Legotek Records”.