It was in 2009 when Hyperaktivist started to work on setting the groundwork for her Dj career. Ana Laura RincoÅLn blended hyperactivity with activism developing electronic music culture in her native Venezuela – a country with few record stores and few electronic music industry affiliations.

Upon discovering the small underground electronic music scene in her hometown of Maracaibo, RincoÅLn began organizing events, DJing along with friends and invited musicians. Later, she co-founded the SOLO club, which became a prominent and central space for electronic musicians and DJs from throughout country. She also formed the Next Phaze collective, comprising DJs, street artists, VJs, visual artists, and graphic designers. The endeavour gave rise to a new concept of electronic music events for RincoÅLn, in which visual environments were created using techniques like video mapping and 3D imaging.

Following completion of a degree in Mass Media, RincoÅLn relocated to Berlin in early 2012, where she is currently producing her own music and just fi nished a degree on sound engineer. Her sets are powerful, deep, and stylistically fluid, without subscribing to just one particular sound or genre her sets are a mixed between Techno with percussive grooves, deep sentimental transitions all the way back to the uplifting House. In her view, there is too much quality electronic music today to impose such limitations and, in her words, “we should play it and enjoy it all, knowing the right boundaries of course.”