Nir Ivenizki. Berlin based Dj and producer, owner of LEGOTEK records label and GORDON – café and recordstore. Started his career in Tel-Aviv’s late 90’s techno scene as a DJ / producer, as well as a producing his own events. In the early 2000’s moved to Berlin and opened his own record label LEGOTEK. Almost 20 years of experience behind the decks as a vinyl only DJ. From classic Chicago house through jazzy and trible duby sounds to Detroit techno, Nir wowed his audience on oh so many dance floors around the world.

Nir Ivenizki is the founder and co-owner of the Legotek group and label. Born and raised in Tel-Aviv. Currently lives in Berlin running his own business as a DJ, producer, event planner and as an owner of GORDON – café & recordstore.

His style behind the turntables can be split into many worlds. Mainly the audience can expect either a driving blend of classic Chicago and Detroit House with deep and tribal elements complemented by jazzy influences or an original deep Techno journey with striking analogue and machine rhythms aiming to take the crowd back to the roots.

Back in the days Nir had an early start participating in the party scene of Tel Aviv. From the late 90‘s on wards he has organised well known events such as underground Techno parties, the love parade, music festivals, student parties and the infamous Legotek rooftop parties. This development was successfully kept alive after moving to Berlin.

The first step in the musical career of Nir was set when he started taking piano lessons at the age of 9. Growing up into his teens he was strongly influenced by Jazz, Funk and Disco. In the following years Nir evolved from this “groovy” foundation straight into the pure world of real Detroit Techno. Nowadays this special link is still a big part of him and can be easily heard in his sets and productions: Original House and Techno with soul.

Furthermore, Nir follows a specific ideology in his musical life. For him music can be seen as energy resulting in a transformation of feelings. Music reflects a certain situation in life; music is always a language. The music conveyed through his sets and productions aims mainly to change the people’s mind frames and moods. Most key aspects have already existed in the past and we are all influenced by big musicians. Nir sees it as his objective to use all given tools to create something new, something fundamental, always “keeping it real”, deeply rooted to the origins, vinyls and machines at the core.

In 1998, Nir met Doron Eisenberg as they both studied Music. It was their similar passion and musical vision which brought them together. They used their experiences in Israel and their similar cultural perceptions to form a unique way of promoting the electronic scene in Israel. In 2007, Nir and Eisenberg officially created the “Legotek Group” and produced their first event. It has been nothing but a success story ever since.

In the past 10 years Nir played in numerous Berlin clubs such as About Blank, Golden Gate, Sisyphos, Tresor, Kater Holzig or the Loftus Hall, sometimes as part of a LEGOTEK label night, sometimes as part of other House and Techno events.